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So, today, three things happened. My mother made me go with her while she ran some errands, and I did NOT want to go. We had to go to three places: Staples, CVS, and this other place. At Staples, I was really bored. Even though I love Staples, I wan't actually shopping for flash drives or anything-- I had to watch my mother shop. However, when she couldn't find something she needed to get, this worker didn't know where to find it. And so then, this other employee had to help out.

My first reaction: :iconlegaspplz: "It's :iconghostwriterplz: from Danny Phantom!!!" But, of course, it wasn't him. Still, he looked an awful lot like Ghostwriter.

Then, my mother made me stop listening to my iPod in the car to listen to something on the radio. At first, I wanted nothing to do with whatever old timey music was probably on. Then, I heard this person reading poems, and it sounded JUST LIKE :iconsexyaustriaplz: from Hetalia! After that, I started listening.

And then, I started thinking about Phantom Planet, and how that was such a HORRIBLE ending to such a great show. I think it was terribly insulting to the characters how they got a different writer for that movie/last episode, and the characters were dumber than they should have been. Firstly, Vlad's not that stupid. And he didn't get to where he was by being a COMPLETE fruitloop. And then Danny. Danny had had his powers for a long time-- he wouldn't just GIVE THEM UP!!!!! Really. They should really de-canonize the whole thing. Vlad didn't expose himself and fail (he had NEVER let himself be defeated by anything before, much less a GIANT ROCK), Danny didn't get exposed, he didn't lose then get back his ghost powers, and he DIDN'T GO OUT WITH SAM!! Don't get me wrong, I like Sam, it's just... NOT WITH DANNY!!
Could the writers be any stupider? The phans did not-- at least, they do not-- want that! Phantom Planet sucked! Then, after it basically becomes an OAV (or in this case, an OCV), they should make a NEW season, with phan input. I don't know about everybody else, but I'm thinking Meddling Minutes and Pompous Pep. I mean really. Who (outside the majority of the phans) wants anything else? I really don't think the new season should just be like the others, either. It should also feature things like the other ghosts, and not just when Danny has to defeat them.
If the smaller percentage of phans-- the not-so-off-the-walls/socially unacceptable ones-- get to basically write the thing, I doubt many people are going to watch the new season. There's been a 5-year hiatus, and the crazy phandom is going stir-crazy. We want action of our own design, not what some baka wants.

That is all.
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Submitted on
July 3, 2013